December 9, 2014

Warby Parker's Newest Collection

I don't usually write posts about anything other than interior design specifically but Warby Parker is such a great company both esthetically and morally that I was inspired to give them a shout out. I suggest reading their company bio...very interesting company! I do wear glasses as part of my everyday life both because I have to (near-sighted) and because well...who doesn't look better in sunglasses?!? So here is a post about my fantasy office paired with Warby Parker eye wear.

Their newest collection can be seen here.

Available here
Available here

Available here

Available here
Available here
Available here
Available here

Here are a few more Warby Parker styles that look super chic!

Classic yet updated Men's look

I love these!

Sophisticated and Unassuming

June 19, 2014

I Love Bradley

About once a week or so I get emails from a showroom called Bradley. Sometimes I don't open them because I know it will be just another furniture piece for me to lust over. They don't have a showroom here in Southern California but if they did...I would be there! Here are some pieces that make me swoon!

And some designers that have used their products:

Amy Morris

Frank Ponterio

Melanie Turner

Randy Heller