April 26, 2013

Lovely Lavender

I was shopping for stone slabs a few weeks ago and came across a lavender and blue marble that I have never seen before. I took a photo of it but it's terrible! My clients really liked this stone and were considering it for their master bathroom. We ultimately decided that it was too much of a good thing and we would definitely use it for a smaller bathroom in their house.

This got me thinking about lavender...I haven't really used this color much. Most of the purple tones I have used run towards the plum and eggplant colors. I think because lavender is somewhat feminine I haven't had any clients that really wanted to go that direction.

Here are some lavender rooms that look fantastic. Could you live with lavender?

April 24, 2013

Poster Child

4 poster beds are great for adding drama and volume without bulk. If you have a bedroom with high ceilings a 4 poster bed can give the room interest and height. They are a terrific alternative to the massive amount of upholstered beds we are seeing so much of these days. The options for poster beds are immense. Consider wood, mirror, metal or a combination of upholstery and one of the aforementioned materials for a four poster bed. Which of these bedrooms would you love to have?

April 23, 2013

Tangerine Dreams

I would never say that orange is a favorite color of mine. Orange has always conjured up images of Tide laundry soap and syrupy soda. However, one look at my website, blog, and logo and clearly, I do like orange! Orange is a color that is life affirming, exciting and warm. It is an energetic color and looks great when paired with neutrals. Tan, cream, and white are wonderful background colors to let orange pop. The following rooms show how gorgeous orange be...no laundry soap or soda in sight!

April 19, 2013

Creative Kids Rooms

There is nothing more fun than designing a kid's room. Creativity comes first followed up by function. Color and design can be used in heaping portions. I am not one to design children's room to grow with them...hey..I'm a designer...I'd rather redo the room with each changing phase! It's fun and exciting! Here are some children's spaces that inspire me.

Great mix of color!

Love the Map Wallcovering

Great Patterns

3-D Art

Bold Stripes, Texture, and Color

Love the Ceiling and Contrasting Wall

April 18, 2013

Balconies and Patios

Just because you have a small space doesn't mean it can't be designed well. Balconies and patios are usually a perfect example of how small spaces can be transformed into charming and lovely outdoor rooms. With warmer weather here to stay for the next 6 months in Southern California there is every reason to a use what you have to live outdoors. Here are some great ideas for designing your patio or balcony...

Cute wicker furniture and AWESOME railing!

Fun Swing!

Comfortable Sofa with Canopy

Great contrasting sofa and table against the
ivory stone

Lively fabrics and accessories

Great symmetry

High dose of color with summery drapes

April 17, 2013

Vacation in Azerbaijan?

OK, so when I saw this hotel I thought...Wow! How beautiful! Where is it? Azerbaijan? Where is that??? It's sandwiched between Russia and Iran. That's not really on my list of places to go but I can always appreciate a gorgeous hotel! So have a look at this Four Seasons Hotel recently updated by Reardon Smith Architects and Richmond International design firm.

Stunning Staircase!!

Those floors are to die for!!

Pool fit for a Greek God

Beautiful furnishings!

Chic dining 

Photography by Paul Thuysbaert

April 16, 2013

Traditionally Modern

Wall mounted bathroom faucets are not a new idea. They have been around forever and can look very utilitarian or "vintage". Exhibit A:

I am working on a bathroom remodel and in my search for plumbing have been inspired by so many makes and models of wall mounted faucets. Whether you want a clean, modern look or a homey, country feel..there are plenty of faucets to choose from. I had a hard time choosing just one!

April 15, 2013

Park Avenue Penthouse Anyone?

Here is a 5 bedroom Park Avenue penthouse on the market for $25,000,000.00. It has been done beautifully in a transitional style.The kitchen and bathroom have been done in classic, simple design that doesn't say "WOW" but you won't easily tire of . I adore the clean simplicity of the furniture, the fun, youthful art, and the use of geometric patterns. Would you spring for it?