January 25, 2013

Back in Brass

I remember when brass fell out of favor. I used to gag going into bathrooms where every fixture was golden brass. But of course everything that is old is new again and with that brass is becoming chic once more! And I like it! I missed the warmth of brass. Whether it's in a bathroom or living room there is a classic elegance to brass. Here are few stunning rooms with brass...

January 22, 2013

Nice Shades

One of my favorite window treatments of all time is the flat Roman shade. I love that it's a clean tailored look but that you can also make it the focal point of a room. Take this office space...

Yes, the desk and chairs are nice but it's the super fun pattern of the roman shades that make this space so appealing.

This bathroom would be slightly cold without the warmth from the roman shade. Fabric on windows softens the room.

This bedroom has a roman shade that coordinates the bedskirt and headboard. They are the 2 stars of this room. Same with the bedroom below...

The roman shades in this kitchen really bring home the black and white palette.

Here is case where the roman shades are not as loud as they other but the overall serenity of room is enhanced by the shades.

January 17, 2013

Angled Ceilings

Sometimes working with sloped ceilings can be tough but really difficult spaces can be opportunities to make a room unique.

 By painting one wall a slightly darker shade and anchoring the room
with the tall hutch the slope is highlighted which makes the room spacious and airy. 

The angled ceiling in this bedroom provides a cozy reading nook  and
the perfect spot for a low dresser.

The seating area is at the lowest part of the ceiling while the main
walkway makes use of the highest point.

The slope in this bedroom make the perfect height for a nightstand
and lamp. 

I love how the paint color stops and the ceilings are left
light and bright.

The use of striped wallpaper gives not only a pattern to this bedroom
but also depth from the angled wall.

January 16, 2013

Rustic Redux

I love this Colorado home designed by Peter Dunham of Los Angeles. The wood paneling looks so old and rustic but without that stale feeling. It looks so fresh and modern and still looks like its been there forever. I adore the kitchen. That island!!! I also appreciate the use of lighter upholstery fabrics to balance the wood that is everywhere. What a great vacation home!

January 7, 2013

Bright Entrances

Brightly painted front doors add instant happiness to a house. They also announce to visitors exactly where to go. There are so many options and each one carries with it a different feeling. Soft shades come across more sophisticated and elegant while bright saturated colors feel more casual and fun. See for yourself...

 Aqua Door 
Bright Yellow

Soft Yellow

Bright Red

Rich Blue

Bright Aqua

Brighter Aqua

January 3, 2013

Candle Light

Wintertime always brings me to light candles. I think the warm glow of candle light is incredibly soothing not to mention flattering. I do like scented candles the best, however, when it comes to dinnertime scented candles can disrupt the pleasant smells of cooking food. That is when tapers or unscented pillar candles are in order. Here are few unique and interesting candle holders that are sure be great conversation starters. These are available from 1stdibs.

French from 1800's

French from 1950's

Italy from 1970's

Italy from 1950's

Lotus Flowers from 1970's

Ralph Lauren

January 2, 2013

Exterior Palettes-Grey

Exterior paint colors always seem be tough to figure out! I think it's because the light is always changing so drastically. I like to consult the major paint companies and see their popular colors and combinations to start. It's a great way to get a sense of what you like. Now that grey has become the go to neutral color of the decade I am seeing more and more grey houses. I think they look sharp! I love the pop that a grey house with white trim makes. Grey looks great on modern and traditional designs.