August 30, 2012

Green Leaf

The Green Leaf Niseko Village is a ski in ski out resort located at the base of Mount An'nupuri in Japan. Recently renovated by award-winning New-York based firm Champalimaud Design, the hotel successfully merges restful retreat with cultural infusion. The rooms interiors are luxurious, restful, and are dotted with local artisans work. It's the best of both worlds when you want to escape and yet get a sense for the area you visit. See for yourself...

Local Art

August 29, 2012

Closet Envy

Organizing and displaying clothes in your closet is a difficult and time worthy effort! I have done it for clients before and done it for my family. It is so worth the time and energy! Whether you chose to organize by season or color it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier! I love going to The Container Store for clear boxes and specialty hangers. Of course, as the months and years go by my closet has morphed itself into a scary monster again. It is time for me get organized again! Here are some closets to get you (and me) inspired!

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Lisa Adams LA Closet Design

Lori Dennis

Mariah Carey's Closet

Oprah's Closet
Branca Inc

August 28, 2012

Two Faced

Design is constantly changing and new ideas come and go...and then come back again. A hot trend in kitchen design has been two toned cabinetry over the last few years. Initially used with cabinetry styled as furniture in a wood finish and built-in cabinets in a painted finish it is now commonly seen to have the island one finish and the surrounding cabinets in another. I like this look especially when the kitchen on the large side. Thoughts...

Aidan Design

Source Unknown

Gonyea Homes

Winder Gibson Architects

Source Unknown
Carolina Design Associates

August 27, 2012

Blanket Trunks

Who doesn't need extra storage? Whenever I design a new space for a client I am almost always asked to provide storage where possible. Whether its for toiletries, china or bedding, most people need an extra spot for their things. If the style is appropriate blanket trunks are a great place to store summer and/or winter bedding at the foot of a bed. It's great in a guest room too where if an extra blanket is needed in the middle of the night it's an obvious place to look. Here are two rooms that successfully use trunks at the foot of the beds.

Bulhon Design Associates

Sullivan Building and Design Group

Here's a selection of awesome antique and vintage trunks...

Antique Italian Carved Trunk

Faux Bamboo Chest

French Antique Traveling Trunk

Louis Vuitton Trunk

Moroccan Ironbound Coffer

Spanish Colonial Trunk

August 24, 2012

150 Shades of Gray

I was searching for gray fabrics yesterday and kept saying, "There are so many shades of gray!" Gray can have a brown, green or purple cast to it in so many of the fabrics. The easiest and most successful way to work with gray  is to keep the amount of pattern to one or two pieces.  Example below:

Troy Beasley

This gives the cool sophisticated edge that works so well in a gray palette. To add interest and depth use solids that have subtle pattern or are some by Highland Court.

August 23, 2012

Home Office

Home offices have become a necessity for most people whether they work from home full time or not. We all need a place to pay the bills, keep records, surf the web and stay organized. I like to keep the home office looking comfortable and homey rather than corporate or industrial. Sometimes a typical office chair is in order but I generally prefer accent chairs. Here are a few examples....

Mary McDonald


Ken Kelly

Sara Story
Andrea Hebard

August 22, 2012

Newport Coast

Here is a brand new house for sale in Newport Coast. It has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with over 12,000 square feet of living space. It inspired me to design a dining room just for this house. First here is a glance at the overall look of this home.



Great Room

Dining Room

I thought this dining room needed some softness. It has plenty of hard surfaces and architectural detail so I chose a soft, organic pattern for the area rug. Then carried that idea to the flatware, china and candelabras. The final touch is the jewelry-like placemats which bring some shine to the room. For more on this property go here.

August 21, 2012

Inspired Dining

Formal dining rooms are usually reservered for special occasions. Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any special holiday are spent enjoying a meal in beautiful dining space. I remember the dining room in my grandparents house had this velvet flocked wallpaper that I loved to run my hand across while sitting in my chair. Children and adults will have great memories from the gatherings in the dining room. Whether your style is casual or formal I think its important to make this special. Here are some dining rooms that look amazing...



Source Unknown

Michael Abrams

Tuthill Architecture