May 31, 2012

Bright White

I know its all the rage right now (and has been for a few years) to do kitchens and bathrooms in white marble. Sometimes it can look a little uninspired to me or just plain and boring. However, more often than not white marble looks so clean and classic. White always looks so fresh to me like I should be drinking a cold glass of water with lemon or cucumber slices. Here are some pictures of refreshing white kitchens and bathrooms...

Source Unknown


Calacutta Gold Source Unknown

Nice but needs Pendant Lighting

Gorgeous! Source Unknown

Love! Source Unknown

May 30, 2012

Handsome Hassocks

Who doesn't love to put their feet up? In some chairs or sofas its not even that comfortable to sit without an ottoman. Hassocks can be used for stand alone seating as well. I love using them for additional seating when using a chair isn't an option. Here is an example of just that situation....

Phoebe Howard

However, sometimes an upholstered ottoman just adds that touch of softness and luxury to a room as shown in this space...

Source Unknown

These are some classic ottomans that are my go to styles below...

Barbara Barry

Hickory Chair Hassock

Hickory Chair

May 29, 2012

Quatrefoil Admiration

As a designer I have always been drawn to balance and order. The quatrefoil is a great example of a balanced design. It can be used in so many ways from architecture to purses. It's popularity goes without saying. Which way do you prefer the classic design element? Buildings, furniture, lighting or luggage?


Source Unknown

Circa Lighting


Hickory Chair

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May 28, 2012

Slab Happy

Marble, granite, quarzite, limestone, soapstone, travertine...are all available in slabs. The slab plus fabrication are usually the most expensive element in the tile and stone sector. That being said, slabs are so functional and beautiful they are a worthy investment. They can make a shower, tub surround, fireplace, or kitchen instantly look amazing! Feast your eyes on a few prime examples...

House Beautiful

Kelly Wearstler

Elle Decor

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

May 25, 2012

Pleasant Pheasant

Designer Thomas Pheasant has released a new line of furniture, lighting, and accessories for Baker this month. His designs have a way of being masculine and feminine at the same time. Just the right amount of curves and architecture are reflected in some of the pieces. The boxy pieces are embellished with brass hardware and manage to still look polished. Here are a few selections...

Athens Lounge Chair

Nina Console

Diana Dressing Table

Amanda Pendant

Thomas Pheasant for Baker
Thomas Pheasant for Baker

May 24, 2012

Elegant Desks

It's great to have a place to keep things organized. I am a creature of habit and like to put things in the same place so I never forget where they are. Envelopes, car keys, Advil, I know exactly which drawer they are in! Now that we are in the age of smart phones, tablets, laptops and wifi it seems like the need for desk is becoming obsolete. I still believe that everyone should have a proper place to sit and work. Whether that is to pay the bills, surf the web, or write out your Christmas cards. Here are some examples of desks worthy of any living room...

Barbara Barry for Henredon

Barbara Barry for Henredon

Hickory Chair

Shagreen Top


May 22, 2012

Cleaned Up Kitchens

Sometimes contemporary kitchens can look too manufactured and sterile for me. Like if a crumb dropped on the counter that's all I would see. Case in point..

This is a beautiful kitchen by Snaidero but this just seems like a kitchen for people that don't cook.

The new soft contemporary looks way more livable and warm in my opinion.

Here are some examples...

Christopher Grubb

Huntley and Company

Phoebe Howard

May 21, 2012

Tribute to the 70's

The Bee Gee's have been in the news quite a bit recently (RIP Robin Gibb) and this has brought me back to my childhood memories. So many of the 70's design influenced my decision to be an interior designer. My Grandmother had orange shag carpeting for awhile that I was too young to remember but I have seen the photographic evidence! I am still drawn to some of the more popular designs aesthetics from the seventies. For example, the color, brown, and green, mirrors, shag carpet, chrome and brass touches. Here is how I translate 70's design into modern day interiors...

Click to Enlarge

Throw me a Pillow

Decorative throw pillows can tie a whole room together. Color and pattern add interest, texture and beauty. When designing a room from scratch I sometimes start with a fabric for throw pillows. This gives me a direction for the style and color palette. Sometimes you can find pillows that are already made but I usually have custom pillows made for my clients. However, these beauties are already done and ready to go!

Florence Garden-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

Grimaldi-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

Kashmir-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

Poiret-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design
Saz Garden-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

Agadir-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

Cassandra-Linen with Hand Embroidered Design

May 17, 2012

Backyard Business

I saw these sheds featured in the LA Times a few weeks ago and thought they so cool. They are customizable modular dwellings that are perfect for a home office, guest room, kids play area, man cave, mother-in-law suite, etc., etc. They're affordable and super stylish! See for yourself.......



Neo Shed