June 7, 2012

Color Commitment-Living Room Edition

Most clients seem to be fully committed to color or scared to death of commitment. Then there are those that are comfortable with softer shades of color and those that prefer full saturation. Which one are you?

Case Study #1
This deep green sofa comes across as a neutral. Not really that scary of a commitment unless green is not your color.

Source Unknown

Case Study #2
Fully saturated turquoise blue. This bold and vibrant color is balanced by neutral rug, chairs and walls.
Elle Decor
Case Study #3
Soft blue sofa and chairs in a monochromatic scheme...it's so soothing and cool...not hard to live in!

Tobi Fairley
Case Study #4
Mossy green sofas with neutral walls. Not too much of a stretch for the color commitment-phobic.

Source Unknown

Case Study #5
Orange sofa with orange wallpaper is definitely a commitment! I just love the way this looks. Again balanced with the neutral casework, chair, and rug.

Charlotte Moss
Case Study #6
Fully saturated tomato red with yellow, green, and orange! I think this space is so fun and full of life. Full blown color commitment!

Elle Decor

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