June 10, 2012


Remember the department store Robinson's? It was a chain of department stores in the Southern California area since 1881 but purchased by Macy's in 2005. I went to see the estate of Virginia Robinson in Beverly Hills recently which is now owned by the city of Los Angeles. The estate is rather humble by Beverly Hills standards but what makes it special are the amazing gardens. See for yourself...

The Main House
Photo Taken From the Back Yard

Billiard and Game Room

170 Foot Eucalyptus Tree

Robinson's Library

Photography was not permitted inside the residence (I found this photo online) but we did get to walk through some of the house. They collected amazing antiques from all over the world. The house felt very intimate and yet grand at the same time. The house is relatively small by today's standards (5400 square feet).

It was so interesting to be in the middle of LA traffic and suddenly be in this sanctuary. If you are interested in learning more about it here is a link to their site..Robinson Gardens

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