August 27, 2012

Blanket Trunks

Who doesn't need extra storage? Whenever I design a new space for a client I am almost always asked to provide storage where possible. Whether its for toiletries, china or bedding, most people need an extra spot for their things. If the style is appropriate blanket trunks are a great place to store summer and/or winter bedding at the foot of a bed. It's great in a guest room too where if an extra blanket is needed in the middle of the night it's an obvious place to look. Here are two rooms that successfully use trunks at the foot of the beds.

Bulhon Design Associates

Sullivan Building and Design Group

Here's a selection of awesome antique and vintage trunks...

Antique Italian Carved Trunk

Faux Bamboo Chest

French Antique Traveling Trunk

Louis Vuitton Trunk

Moroccan Ironbound Coffer

Spanish Colonial Trunk

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