November 8, 2012

Bathroom Supplies

Bathroom supplies need all types of storage. Towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, makeup, shaving tools and hair dryers all need a place to go. Sometimes putting all these thing away in drawers or cabinets is the best the solution. But other people need to see their things out and on display. Here are some ideas for displaying your necessities in an effective way.

1. Trays-Mirrored, Lucite, Silver or Porcelain, trays are great for setting perfume, nail polish, make up or brushes.

2. Glass Jars-I love storing cotton balls and Q-Tips in glass jars. You can also store sponges, soap and hair ties in glass jars.

3. Baskets-Baskets are great when you want to store things on your shelves or counter top without seeing the contents inside. They also add a natural and spa like feeling to the bathroom.

4. Bowls and Boxes-Keeping your watches, jewelry or makeup in boxes or ceramic bowls is another option. They keep things together and organized while still within reach. Here are some images that use all these storage ideas.

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